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Change of Address


Change of Address

When you are moving house, you need to inform a great many parties of your change of address, and it can be quite stressful. But there are ways of making sure that you have informed everybody who needs your new contact details.

Make a list

You should record anybody who needs to be informed of your change of address, such as your employer, schools, the bank and any others. For all formal contacts, you should note when and how you informed them. If you also write the contact details for each company, it will save time later, particularly if you are doing it by ‘phone. There are suggested lists available on the internet, but only you can create one appropriate for your circumstances.

Who needs to know?

As well as family and friends, everybody with whom you have formal dealings needs your new address and if you are referring to a list from a removals firm’s website, you will probably have the major ones, including the electoral roll, the DVLA, utilities companies and other major contacts. Checking your bank statements can help ensure you’ve included everybody, because if you pay money to somebody or they pay you, they need your new details. Get a whole year statement in case you miss those who make annual payments. Another method is to check the cards you carry, such as gym membership, loyalty and library cards; if you move to another council area, you will need to register with a different library service.

What if I miss somebody?

The Post Office offers a mail redirection service, which means you'll get letters that have been sent to your old address, which should provide extra peace of mind. Also, if you are moving from rented accommodation, you can leave the landlord a forwarding address or the people who have bought the house from you may be happy to redirect mail for you. Although there are online companies who will update your details with everyone, it’s up to you to make sure that you tell them everybody who should be on the list.



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