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Sorting out financial details when you move house can cause a great deal of stress, because it’s so important. But it isn’t very complicated and as long as you keep track of what you need to do and have already done, it should all go smoothly.

Contacting banks and building societies

Financial institutions make it easy for you to change your address, either by sending off a form, which can be downloaded from the website, or by taking the completed form into your local branch. Whichever way you choose, you will need two forms of identification, including one which shows your current address. Clear instructions for both options and lists of acceptable forms of proof of identity are included on banking websites. If you have a joint account, both parties need to complete the form and provide proof of identity. If you manage your account online, you can change your details very quickly by logging onto your account and changing the address.

Where will your new bank be?

At Eco Movers, we strongly recommend that you find out how far the nearest branch of your bank or building society is from your new address. If the branch is quite far away, you can set up an online account to save having to make too many trips or you can move your account to a bank with a branch that is in a more convenient location.

Online payments

Many people have accounts with online companies that are set up to take payments from financial institutions, which could include sites such as Amazon and eBay, catalogue companies and PayPal. Both companies such as these and any that take regular payments from you, for example, credit card or mobile phone companies, Netflix and security companies like Norton, will have a page on their website where you can log on and change these details securely. If your credit card has been obtained via your own bank, rather than from a separate company, you should also be able to change your details via your online banking service.

As with all arrangements regarding moving house, Eco Movers suggests that you list all companies you need to contact and tick them off once you have dealt with them. Furthermore, you should inform these institutions as early during the moving process as possible, leaving you plenty of time to make arrangements if any problems should arise.



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