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No matter what kind of property you propose to move from or to, a list of possessions can prove to be an extremely useful tool: for identifying unwanted items, assessing how much insurance you will need and checking whether everything has arrived at its destination. But if you are moving to or from a rented property, an inventory has added importance as it can serve as a record of what is in the property and also the condition of any items attached to the rental, as well as the condition of the property itself. It can help your landlord decide whether or not to return your deposit.

Preparing an inventory

Because the inventory is relevant to both parties, the initial one should be prepared by either a landlord or letting agent and agreed and signed by the tenant. The list needs to record what items, if any, are included in the tenancy; for example, white goods, large furniture and carpets. Additionally, it should record the condition of the property and these items and you should have photographic evidence to store with the inventory. A copy should be kept with each party. If no inventory has been prepared when you arrive, make your own, pending the creation of an official one.

When you leave

You should check the inventory before you pack, so you don’t remove anything you shouldn’t. When you inspect the condition of the property and rented items, you should record these conditions and list those items that are remaining with the property. Again, you must obtain photographic evidence in case there is ever any dispute with the landlord.

Making sure you keep your deposit

Because the inventory records the condition in which you found the property, you can use it to ensure you leave it in the same condition. You may find you need to contact somebody to arrange cleaning, repair or decoration services if you can’t do it yourself, but be careful you are acting within the terms of your tenancy agreement and remember to book these services well ahead of time.



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