Can I just say a huge thanks for an excellent service all round - your guys were incredibly friendly, helpful and efficient and made the move a much more pleasant experience than expected!

Jon, Balham


Important Documents


When people move house, there is often an element of controlled chaos about the proceedings. It can be the case that you won’t be able to say exactly where particular items are for certain, at any given time, even though you know that they’re there somewhere. There are some things, however, that you really can’t afford to be uncertain about during the move, including important documents.

Moving day

At Eco Movers, we strongly recommend that you set aside any documents relating to the new house, particularly any that show you to be the owner and you must take some proof of identification with you. If an estate agent is meeting you at the new property to hand over the keys, they may not have met you before and will be unable to give them to you without adequate proof, so photo identification would be ideal. Put these together, in a folder or a briefcase and keep it with you to ensure it doesn’t accidentally get packed away in the last-minute rush.

Other important documents

There are other documents which you are unlikely to need on the day you move, but which you should keep together in another container, which you must also ensure does not get put in with the general packing. These could include birth or marriage certificates, life insurance documents, proof of qualifications and anything relating to the car, such as the MOT certificate and insurance schedule. In the unlikely event that you have an accident, you will need to find those documents quickly.

Other vital information

As well as important documents, you should keep a list of any phone numbers of people you may need to contact. You might, for example, have to call one of the utilities companies if you arrive at the property and discover they haven’t restored the service or you may want to contact the movers if you are delayed for some reason. With our knowledge and experience, we can predict the problems most likely to occur, so by following our advice, you can have a trouble-free move.



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