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Meter Readings


Getting a meter reading before you leave

As part of the arrangements for switching your utilities to your new house, you will probably be asked to provide a meter reading for your company, although some will want to come out and read it in person. It’s vital that you do this as it is the only way you can be certain that you won't be charged more than you owe on your final bill.

Is that all I need?

In addition to a meter reading, taken on the last day, companies prefer to have the names of those who are moving into your old house and out of your new one. They may also ask you to confirm the registration number of the meter, which is written on the meter itself. Because it can take time to find all the information needed, it is vital that you contact your energy and water providers as soon as possible before the move.

Changing a meter

Make sure you know what type of meter is installed at the new house because it may affect your payment arrangements. For example, if you pay by direct debit and your new house has a prepayment meter, it can take up to two months for the installation of a standard meter, so you will need a payment card for the interim period. You may also want to arrange to have a water meter installed if you have particularly low use, as this can save you money.

Make plenty of reminders

Because the meter reading is so important, you must take steps to make sure you do it. If you use Eco Movers' checklist, which is on the website, reading the meter is already on there; check the list frequently and tick off completed tasks. You can also set an alarm using your phone to remind you to do it or fasten a ‘Get a meter reading!’ notice to the back of the front door, so you can't leave without seeing it. Finally, keep a copy of the readings for yourself, in case there is any dispute with the companies.



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