Can I just say a huge thanks for an excellent service all round - your guys were incredibly friendly, helpful and efficient and made the move a much more pleasant experience than expected!

Jon, Balham


Moving Costs


Buying a house is the most expensive thing you will ever do and moving can also be quite costly. Unexpected expenses may crop up during the proceedings, but there are some ways to save money.


As soon as you decide to move, start sorting. You will probably find some of the things you’ve been hoarding are no longer useful, so if you dispose of them, there will be a smaller volume of possessions to move, which will cost less. Additionally, you may save money because you will need fewer boxes and you could even make a little extra by selling some of the items.

Be prepared

Get a quotation from Eco Movers as soon as you’ve cleared the clutter, because you can discuss ways to get the best deal. Moving will cost less if you have time to take on more responsibilities, such as providing your own containers or dismantling the furniture and you may find it’s cheaper to move on one day rather than another. Also, contact your telephone, television and internet providers well before you are due to move, as there could be fees for reinstallation. If you start investigating early enough, you may find cheaper providers. The sooner you know what your expenses will be, the more time you will have to arrange payments.

Use contacts

If you need cleaning, decorating or repair work to be carried out on either or both houses, doing it yourself would be the cheapest option. If you can’t do it or don’t have time, ask around for recommendations and get several quotations before hiring somebody. Your movers may have arrangements with other companies, which could result in discounted services for their customers, so don’t be afraid to ask.


Use recycled items for padding and wrapping, for example, old bed sheets, towels and newspapers, which you could ask relatives and friends to donate, saving you money on specialist wrapping materials. Only ask the movers to pack things you can’t manage yourself, such as heavy furniture, as you will be charged more if they have to provide more services. If you can obtain boxes for free, then do so, but if not, ask Eco Movers about their pre-used containers, which cost less than new ones. The key to a good move is good preparation and, as this shows, it can also save you money.



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