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Moving with Pets


Moving with pets

One of the biggest issues faced by people moving house is having to deal with pets. They can become anxious and this can lead to out-of-character behaviour, for example, increased aggression or loss of appetite. They can even become ill.

Moving day

Make sure your pet has an identity collar and, if possible, a computer chip linked to your new address. If you can arrange for somebody to look after them on moving day, that would be best, but otherwise, make sure they are indoors before the move starts and keep them out of the way, in a quiet, closed room while the house is emptied. Feed pets several hours before travelling to avoid sickness and make sure they have favourite toys, bedding with a familiar scent to comfort them and plenty of water. You can buy pet appeasing sprays containing pheromones mimicking those produced by cats’ or dogs’ mothers, which will help them to stay calm.

The journey

Keep pets carefully secured, with cats in a cat-carrier and dogs kept under control, preferably with a harness-style restraint. A vet can provide your pet with a travel-sickness remedy, so unless you are sure it's a good traveller, these are worth obtaining. Keep a supply of fresh water and a bowl, so you can stop and give the animal drinks to prevent dehydration. Make regular stops for toilet breaks, on a leash only, and comfort your pet; a tickle under the chin goes a long way to putting its mind at rest.


Contain your pet in a quiet room until all your furniture is inside, using the pet appeasing pheromone again. Make sure you give them their familiar-scented bedding and toys immediately, so that it smells like home. Keep cats indoors for at least a week after moving and when you let them out for the first time, do so when it’s almost feeding time, so they have a reason to return quickly. Spread some of their own litter in the garden so they know it is their territory. But mostly, give your pet time and plenty of attention.



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