Can I just say a huge thanks for an excellent service all round - your guys were incredibly friendly, helpful and efficient and made the move a much more pleasant experience than expected!

Jon, Balham


Stress of Moving


Experts suggest that moving house is one of the most stressful life-events a person can experience. Things that don’t go according to plan will cause unnecessary stress; the best way to avoid this is to ensure you begin planning early and efficiently.

Keep track

The first thing to do is make a checklist and there is one on the Eco Movers website, which you can print out. Everybody’s circumstances are different, so you may need to add or remove things from the list, but this will be your lifeline and you should consult it frequently and enjoy the feeling as the jobs are ticked off. Collect any paperwork and get quotations as soon as you can, so there are no nasty surprises regarding costs. Buy a notebook in case you think of something you'll need to remember and keep all receipts relating to your move in one place.

Get help

It’s a massive job, so don’t be afraid to ask for plenty of help. Sorting helps children to process the idea that they will be moving, so give them plenty of little jobs, and if you find items you don’t want, ask friends or family to help you transport them to a charity shop or to help you with a car boot sale. Remember, you can ask your movers for advice if you are unsure about anything and they will be happy to help as they want this to go smoothly as much as you do.

Give yourself time

As well as needing plenty of time for practical things, you also need time to cope with the fact that you are moving. Even when you are looking forward to something, you can still feel sad about what you are leaving behind. Say goodbye to the house, take photographs and meet up with friends to talk about how it's going and to give out your new contact details. Finally, trust the experts! Eco Movers have plenty of experience, so once they arrive on moving day, relax in the knowledge that everything is now in their hands.



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