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Large Items


When you are preparing to move house, to ensure that the process goes smoothly, you should make sure that everything is ready to go when the movers arrive. Large items, such as dressers and tables, can be particularly cumbersome and need to be thoroughly secured, both to protect them from damage and to make them easier to move.

What should I use?

You can use any strong fabrics which are large enough for the purpose. Old bedding and household fabrics, such as sheets, duvet covers or tablecloths are particularly useful, as well as disposable materials, including wrapping film, such as that used on pallets. To keep the wrapping materials in place, use plenty of strong tape such as PVC, which will prevent any slippage and make the items easier and safer to carry.

How should I do it?

If you can dismantle items, then do so! Wrap individual furniture parts, such as table legs, in a protective cover, like bubble wrap or towels, before securing with tape. Put any bolts or fastenings you remove into a labelled bag and fasten it to one of the larger parts of the article. With any piece containing drawers, as long as you are confident that this will not damage the finish, seal the drawers closed with tape before enclosing it in your chosen material, so it will be easier to manoeuvre as you are applying the wrapping.

What if it’s too big?

Some furniture, such as sofas, wardrobes or tables which cannot be disassembled, can prove to be too large for you to prepare in safety. Your movers will be happy to deal with these bulkier items and can provide their own, purpose-made packing materials or use yours if they are suitable. There are covers which are specially designed to fit such things as sofas, armchairs and mattresses and these are often competitively priced when compared to the amount of wrapping material and tape you would need to use.

If you are uncertain about how to prepare any item, contact your removal firm, who will be able to give you expert advice.



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