Can I just say a huge thanks for an excellent service all round - your guys were incredibly friendly, helpful and efficient and made the move a much more pleasant experience than expected!

Jon, Balham


Packing List


One of the first things you should do, as soon as you are certain that you will be moving, is to create an inventory: a list of your main possessions.

Why do I need a list?

The inventory has several uses. It can, for example, help you to check whether everything has arrived safely at the new house, but long before that, it can bring to your attention any items that you don’t actually want or need any more, which you can include in your decluttering process. As you make the list, you should take particular note of your more valuable possessions or those that are irreplaceable, such as jewellery or collectible books, so that you will be able to inform Eco Movers of the overall value of your goods so that we can extend our liability beyond our standard £20,000 if necessary.

How to make the list

Using a video camera is a good method, as you can record the contents of each room, one draw, cupboard or box at a time, leaving you free to transfer the list to written form in a more convenient place and time, at which point you should be able to make a note of the value of your more expensive possessions. You should also take photographs of important or particularly valuable items, recording serial numbers where appropriate, and make a note of any distinguishing features of your items to help identify them, if that should become necessary. If you pack items that you don’t need as you carry out the inventory, it can be a good way of making an early start on that job, leaving you with less to do as moving day gets closer.

When your inventory is complete, leave a copy of the list, as well as copies of any videos or photographs, with a friend or family member in case you lose the originals. With Eco Movers your goods are in safe hands, but if anything should go wrong, this list could prove invaluable.



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