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Audi Pioneering Water-Based Fuel

As you’d probably expect, I take a particularly keen interest in anything that combines transport with an approach to leading a greener life. In some senses, it may seem like this is a combination that’s hard to achieve.

When driving a car or van, I like to know that I’m really minimising the impact on the environment as much as possible. This means that I’m very interested in anything that can bring about cleaner forms of fuel. A recent announcement from Audi suggests that there is some good news in this area.

The boffins at the car manufacturer have come together with some experts at a company called Joule. What they have created is something that is already being heralded as a wonder fuel. In this case, it looks like the hype may well be worthwhile.

This new fuel makes use of carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. It can then be blended with more traditional petrol, creating a new source of fuel for cars, vans and lorries. It’s thought that the new fuel would only require 15% petrol.

How are they achieving this? Well, what they’ve managed to do is to genetically modify some micro-organisms, which are now able to convert carbon dioxide and grey water into a liquid fuel.

Apparently, no further manufacturing processes are required. As a result, the whole process is completely sustainable. An added advantage is that it avoids the need to make use of masses of agricultural land, which is a serious disadvantage when it comes to biofuels. The process also works best in conditions that may actually be poorly suited to traditional agricultural techniques.

It’s not too hard to see why this should be an exciting development, with the hope that we could all be using a lot less petrol in the future. Any reduction in the use of fossil fuels simply must be a good thing. I look forward to following future developments in this area!