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Beware of the average Man & Van

Beware of the average Man & Van

Not all man and van companies are the same. Many are run by people who carry out moves in their spare time, and a large number of them will only offer a basic service. Frequently this also means that not only are they not overly experienced but they are also uninsured. When you are putting movers in charge of your possessions, you want to know that you can trust them at every step along the way.

Eco Movers takes pride in its reputation for a high quality service, so the packing materials, restraints and safety precautions that others may overlook, form part of our fundamentals. Eco Movers delivers a quality service at competitive prices, with fully trained staff. Subject to contract terms, our basic price includes liability for up to £40 per item and for a modest extra charge we will provide Full Value Protection for whatever amount you nominate, up to £35 million.