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How to Correctly Dispose of Your Unwanted Items

How to Correctly Dispose of Your Unwanted Items


Spring is finally here and it’s time for the traditional spring clean – to clean the winter dust out of the home, clear out the clutter and get ready for summer. But what can you do with all the clutter you clear out? From ornaments to ovens, let’s look at five of the best ways […]

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Getting To Know Your New Neighbours


Neighbours. We all have them and we all are one. For many reasons, it’s a good idea to be on friendly terms with your neighbours, even if it’s just a brief nod and hello as you pass in the street. So with that in mind, here are some suggestions on how to be friends with […]

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Getting To Know Your New Area


Moving house can be a daunting experience, but it can be doubly harder if you are moving to a completely new area. Here are five tips to help you get to grips with a new location. 1. The internet Once you’ve decided to move, your first port of call should be the internet, where a […]

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The Benefits of Houseplants


Houseplants can serve many purposes – people usually have them for decorative or style reasons but were you aware that they can also offer health benefits for you and your household environment? And, that if you pick the right ones, they can also provide food for the household? Let’s look in more detail at these […]

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Recycling Tips


As little as twenty years ago, the only recycling that most people ever did was an occasional trip to the ‘bottle bank’ with glass bottles and jars. But since then, recycling has gone from something that only committed environmentalists did to being something that we all do as part of our daily life. From having […]

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How To Declutter Your Home

Living in a cluttered home, with piles of paper, clothes, magazines and other objects can be a depressing experience and it’s often hard to see how you can possibly start to change things. But, with a bit of time, planning and effort, it is possible to turn even the most cluttered of properties into a […]

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