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Christmas gifts made from recycled materials

Christmas is fast approaching and you may well be starting to panic about the presents that you’re going to be buying. Every year, I think that I should start to do my gift shopping a bit earlier.

The reality is of course, that things simply never pan out that way. I’m always leaving things until the last minute, which is partly due to the fact that we tend to be busy around these parts in December, with many families looking to move home before Christmas.

Fortunately, I’ve stumbled upon the idea of buying gifts that are made from recycled materials. I think that this is a great idea, not least because there’s something particularly annoying about seeing the amount of plastic products and waste that seem to appear every Christmas.

Some people say that the most environmentally friendly approach would involve not giving any presents at all. Although that may be true, I don’t think it would prove too popular with my friends and family!

Instead, I’ll be concentrating my efforts on buying items that are truly green. Did you know for example, that a company in Wales are able to produce glorious blankets and draught excluders using reclaimed wool? It makes a lot of sense, ensuring that old clothes can still have some use.

In actual fact, the draught excluders are actually made from the leftover wool, once the blankets have been made. That means that they are recycled three times over!

The range of products that are being made from recycled materials seems to be growing with every passing year. I particularly like the idea of using lampshades that are made from recycled sheet music notes, as created by Stephanie Wheeler. The idea of seeing the musical notes being highlighted on cold winter’s evenings seems rather romantic. I’ve made sure that they are on my Christmas list!

It’s also possible to buy pieces of furniture that have been constructed purely from recycled wood and waste materials. You can buy some ingenious tables that are made from cork and rope, which look great and also create a real talking point.

I firmly believe that we need to support manufacturers and designers who use recycled materials. By doing so, we send them a real signal about the value of the work that they are carrying out.

This year, I’ll be buying a range of gifts from such designers. I hope that you will too.