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How To Declutter Your Home

How To Declutter Your Home

By Sean Ford | February 17, 2015

18 FEBRUARY - Guide to declutter your wardrobe

Living in a cluttered home, with piles of paper, clothes, magazines and other objects can be a depressing experience and it’s often hard to see how you can possibly start to change things. But, with a bit of time, planning and effort, it is possible to turn even the most cluttered of properties into a tidier, neater home. You might not reach the heady heights of total minimalism, with nothing on show, but you will end up with a happier and healthier home. Here are five tips on making the move to clutter-free living.

Be ruthless
The first stage of decluttering is go through your belongings and get rid of things that you no longer need or use. What is the purpose of having clothes that you never wear, books you never read? And don’t presume that your only option is to throw things in the bin – it’s never been easier to get rid of ‘stuff’, with charity shops, second-hand sales, car boot sales and internet auction and advertising sites all available to take what you don’t need.

Consider your storage

Now that you have emptied your house of the things you no longer use, it’s time to consider how to store what is left in a clutter-free way! Storage units with doors are a great option, letting you keep what you need stored away out of sight yet easily available when you need it. For cupboards, think about storage boxes or bags for different groupings of items such as shoes, sports equipment, coats so that they are neat and tidy, yet easily accessible.

Think creatively
Small, simple ideas can go a long way to keeping the clutter at bay. For example, put your winter clothes away in boxes or vacuum bags during summer and your summer clothes away in winter. Inexpensive adhesive coat hooks on the back of doors help keep coats and dressing gowns neat and tidy too.

Bite-size chunks
At the risk of sounding very clichéd, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your home won’t become a clutter-free dream house overnight. Break the task down into small, manageable chunks and tackle them one at a time. Even if you just manage to work on a cupboard a week, that decluttered cupboard takes you one step closer to your clutter-free goal.

Revisit and review
Clutter-free living is an ongoing process so make sure you stay on top of it! Something that you had a use for during your last clear-out might become redundant over the next few months. Set up a reminder in your calendar to review your belongings every six months and be ruthless about whether something is needed or not.