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Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

eco friendly gift wrappingWhilst wrapping paper and presents might be the last thing on your mind now that the festive season has passed, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on the subject. Like a lot of people, this Christmas I gave presents to friends and family and received more than a few myself. Most were wrapped in printed wrapping paper and it struck me that the environmental impact across the world must be significant not just in relation to deforestation but also the carbon impact of the manufacturing and transportation of gift-wrapping materials.

When it comes to wrapping presents, I like the idea of thinking about some eco-friendly solutions that are good to the environment, but which also look great. If you’re prepared to be a little creative then you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Have you ever thought, for instance, about using newspaper to wrap your presents? I think that this is a great way of doing something that’s novel and that can also impress recipients. Instead of throwing newspapers in the recycling bin, you can have fun selecting pages that will make great gift wrap. Add a little bit of ribbon too and you’ll have a package that will look intriguing!

The Japanese have a wonderful tradition that involves using cloth to wrap presents. You don’t have to tear up your favourite shirt or party dress though! You may well have items of clothing that you were planning to discard, so why not make good use of them?

You could even go a step further and wrap items using a tea towel, or tablecloth. That way, you’re effectively giving the recipient two gifts in one. I think that’s a particularly good way of doing things when the wrapping relates to the inner present. Wrapping up a dinner service within a tea towel, for example, would seem to me to be the perfect combination.

I’ve also noticed my friends using a wide variety of other materials and objects to wrap presents. Last year, I received some sweets within a hand-painted jar. I thought that was pretty cool and I’m tempted to use the same idea myself this year.

I hope that you had plenty of fun this Christmas gone and that you think about how you can be good to the environment next year.