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Eco Man & Van by Eco Movers

Eco Man & Van by Eco Movers

At Eco Movers pride ourselves on being able to provide a reliable man and van service or full removals service at prices that suit the pockets of our customers. Whether it is a couple of items of furniture or the entire contents of your home, we will help you to make your move as straightforward as possible. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, despite what you may think. Our friendly and approachable staff are always on hand to discuss any worries you may have.

Eco Movers is wholly owned by one of the world’s most respected removal companies, the Cadogan Tate Group. Their experience of moving valuable items spans over 35 years, and has helped to establish their valued reputation. Each of our movers receives comprehensive training from our parent company, so we can channel this same skill and knowledge into our home moves around the UK.

Our vetted staff go through vigorous training and are security screened before they can qualify as one of our movers. We also conduct regular on-site checks to ensure that we are delivering the quality moves that our customers expect of us. This sets us apart from your average local man and van service that may not treat its security or quality assurance measures as important.

Eco Movers is based in Wimbledon, London and carries out moves originating in London and delivering throughout the UK. Our fleet of low environmental impact vehicles sets us apart from other movers. As well as hybrid converted vehicles, we also have pioneered fully electric removal vehicle technology, fuelled on renewable electricity. Not only do our vehicles demonstrate our green values, so do our packing materials too. Eco Movers strives to avoid waste in any way possible, so only uses recycled or recyclable packing materials. The same goes for our office waste, and the sustainable timber used for our storage containers. Eco Movers isn’t just our name, it’s the ethos the company operates by

Eco Movers provides a professional and economical man and van service. It doesn’t matter if you’re just moving a handful of items or a van full of boxes and furniture; the standards we strive for remain the same. Our extensive experience speaks volumes, and so does the fact that 90% of business comes from returning and referred customers. If you are still undecided why not take the time to browse through the genuine independent reviews of our services that reflect this too.

Feel free to call and get in touch or use our on-site Price Checker for an Eco Movers price estimate today. Our tiered pricing system gives you added flexibility, so that you can fit your move around your needs and budget. Simply add whatever services you require, state the times, dates, and we will supply you with an estimate. We can even follow up with a free on-site survey too. Each aspect of the move will be broken down clearly, so there will be no surprises on the invoice after the move is complete.