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Eco Movers invests in green electricity

Eco Movers invests in green electricity

By Sean Ford | April 21, 2011

There is very little about South West London based moving company, Eco Movers, which fits the stereotypical image of the nation’s white van man. Visit Eco Movers’ busy Wimbledon depot and you won’t find a beaten up second hand vehicle in sight. The company’s vehicle policy dictates that only new vehicles are purchased and these must conform to strict self-imposed standards that dictate that only low carbon and low particulate emission vehicle technology is used to power its fleet. For the last two and a half years, Eco Movers has been pioneering the use of fully electric 3.5 tonne vehicles. On the road the vehicle emits zero tonnes of carbon and no particulates per mile traveled.

However a sophisticated consumer might sensibly ask “Is electric vehicle technology really as green as it sounds. After all, how do you power an electric vehicle and make sure that you are not simply displacing roadside pollution to the power station chimney?” For Eco Movers the answer is to invest in the greenest electricity supply possible even if this means paying a premium. The economic downturn and the subsequent effect on the housing market has had a serious impact on the moving industry and has seen many companies go out of business. Across all industries, cost cutting is essential for survival, yet for Eco Movers, switching the company’s electricity supply to a cheaper “brown” electricity supply from burning coal, gas or oil has not been an option.

Zach Wright, Eco Movers’ spokesman says “Undoubtedly times are tough and all businesses are looking at ways to cut their costs. Switching to brown electricity could certainly be one of them but it is not something we are willing to entertain. There is little point in investing in clean electric vehicle technology only to power it from electricity generated by a dirty coal fired power station. For electric vehicles to make carbon sense, the electricity must be from a truly renewable resource.”

So regardless of the additional cost, Eco Movers has committed to buying its electricity from Ecotricity’s new energy plus 100% renewable tariff, which not only ensures that its clean electric vehicles do not just move the air pollution elsewhere but also represents an investment in new forms of renewable power in the future.

How? Zach explains; “Ecotricity guarantees that for £1 we pay for our energy bills it will re-invest 71.8p in the creation of new methods of renewable energy production such as windmills. So not only are we investing in zero carbon vehicle technology but we are also helping to fund renewable electricity production for future generations.”

To put this in perspective, other major electricity suppliers are currently investing as little 2.7 pence per pound in future renewable electricity production which does not even meet their minimum legal obligations, under the Government’s Renewable Obligation. This makes Ecotricity the industry leader and an obvious choice for companies with a strong sense of social responsibility.

With this truly 3 dimensional approach to low carbon transport, the minimal environmental impact of Eco Movers’ vehicles has been recognised by TfL which has made 75% of its fleet Congestion Charge exempt, a saving that is passed directly to its customers. In an incredibly price sensitive market where a few pounds variance in hourly rate can make the difference between securing a moving job or not, leveraging the benefits of green vehicle technology against the pricing of Eco Movers’ is proving a highly successful tool for building a viable green transport business for the future. In an industry famed for dirty, beaten up, smoke belching vehicles, it is fair to say Eco Movers’ electric vehicle technology and green electricity purchasing supply policy is a breath of fresh air.