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Eco Movers poised to launch Ecologic

Eco Movers poised to launch Ecologic

By Sean Ford | November 12, 2010

You wouldn’t expect a small moving company to be the creator of revolutionary green technology which both increases customer service levels and reduces carbon emissions, but that is exactly what Cadogan Tate’s South London based Eco Movers division has done. Already well known for pioneering the use of fully electric removals vehicles powered by renewable energy, after 12 months in development Eco Movers is launching its ground-breaking online customer service system, Ecologic this month. This will revolutionize the way customers book their removal while minimising the pollution it creates.

Ecologic is a unique web-based service which combines the best route-planning, GPS satellite tracking and mobile phone technologies linking them directly to the company’s online estimating, flexible pricing, reservation and payment systems. Instead of having to make the time to telephone a traditional mover during weekday business hours, then take time off work to wait in for an estimator to call round and then wait yet longer for their quote to arrive, Eco Movers’ customers can use this new service online 24/7 to suit their busy lifestyles. With a single visit to the company‚Äôs website you can now get a quotation, book your move, order packing materials for next day delivery and pay online. Not only that, but you can even negotiate the price. Moving costs vary with booking levels and peak demand periods and if you want to save money you can easily and conveniently run your cursor over the calendar, find the cheapest time slot on offer and book it with a single click.

Eco Movers is ISO 14001 (the international environmental responsibility standard) accredited and has the ambitious goal of going completely paperless by moving all its business systems online. Ecologic links the company, its road crews, vans and customers by internet, wireless and handheld computer (PDA) making Eco Movers the first company in the removals industry to achieve almost total elimination of paper both on the road and in the office.

Zach Wright, digital development manager for Eco Movers says that “whilst our office team has always recycled all office paper Ecologic has now almost completely removed the need to use paper as customers book moves and communicate online (although we do promise hand-on-heart not to use their details for marketing or any other purpose).”

Ecologic PDA technology also acts as a Satnav and GPS location system. It can automatically notify customers by text or email when the removal van is ten minutes away from their home and once it leaves with their consignment on board they can track it online from collection to delivery. The same technology also allows the management software in Ecologic to maximise effective route planning and vehicle use which ensures that fewer vehicles travel shorter distances to deliver the same number of consignments, reducing miles travelled and carbon emissions and customers can actually see on the website how much they have reduced their carbon footprint by using Eco Movers instead of a conventional moving company.

So for those customers looking for an efficient environmentally friendly removal, Ecologic definitely makes carbon sense.