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Eco Movers Receives Royal Recognition for London’s Elephant Parade


Following their participation in Elephant Parade 2010, Eco Movers were given the opportunity to meet Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Zach Wright, Assistant Manager at Eco Movers, sai,d “When we got involved with this incredible conservation exhibition, we had no idea that it would lead to an audience with Prince Charles to discuss how we employ fully electric and electric hybrid vehicle technology, to provide low carbon emission transport.”

According to Zach “with the wealth of carbon emission data being collected by our fleet and recognition from high profile conservationists like Prince Charles, Eco Movers is rapidly becoming a thought leader in 3.5 tonne low carbon emission vehicle technology and will continue to invest in helping to develop this vital area of environmental conservation ”.

Prince Charles is no stranger to environmental issues in relation to transport. His Jaguar and Land Rover have been converted to run on biodiesel and his Aston Martin on bioethanol but according to Zach “The Prince was interested to hear about Eco’s use of fully electric 3.5 tonne vehicles charged from 100% renewable wind farm generated electricity but he was particularly surprised to hear that Eco Movers, as part of the Cadogan Tate Group, were using the first fully electric 12.5 tonne removals truck in the world to transport elephants”. Where elephant sculptures have been delivered using Eco Movers fully electric technology, it is good to know that this has been done with zero grams of carbon emitted per mile travelled. Modern transport doesn’t get much lower in carbon emissions than that.

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