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ECO Movers Teams Up with Elephant Parade to Unveil Urban Jungle

ECO Movers Teams Up with Elephant Parade to Unveil Urban Jungle

By Sean Ford | May 28, 2010

ECO Movers Teams Up with Elephant Parade to Unveil Urban Jungle in London.

Conservation Pioneers Help Paint a Brighter Future for the Endangered Asian Elephant.

This Summer Cadogan Tate’s Eco Movers division is teaming up with Elephant Family, the only charity solely dedicated to ensuring the survival of the Asian elephant, to launch London’s biggest ever public art event, which will see the capital taken over by elephants.

Originally developed in Holland, by Elephant Parade pioneers Marc and Mike Spits, to help support the protection of the endangered Asian elephant this unique event will hit London streets for the first time, thanks to Elephant Family founder, Mark Shand. The parade will feature 250 life-size elephants hand-painted by an assortment of established and emerging talent from the art and design world, including Jack Vettriano, Marc Quinn, Diane Von Furstenberg and Lulu Guinness. Previous parades have been held in Holland and Belgium, raising over €1,600,000 in total.

The Cadogan Tate Group is acknowledged to be one of the world’s leading companies in moving and storing works of art and Eco Movers is its “green pioneer” division which not only trials and introduces environmentally friendly innovations for the rest of the Group but has also taken on the responsibility for storing and transporting the 250 elephants between artists’ studios, exhibition locations and delivery to the end buyer.

Zach Wright, Assistant Manager of Eco Movers explains, “Eco Movers believes strongly in giving back to the global community and we are deeply saddened by the dramatic decline in the Asian elephant population. By helping to make London’s Elephant Parade a reality, Eco Movers is delighted to support this wonderfully creative project. With our fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles, carbon reduction route planning technology and eco-credentials we are well placed to transport the 250 elephants for their 1500 plus individual journeys with minimal impact on the environment.”

These elephants, destined to become highly collectible works of art, will grace London landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, Parliament Square and the South Bank, from May to July, turning the capital into an urban jungle. They will then be herded together in one of London’s great green spaces for a magnificent exhibition, open to the public.

After going on display to the public they will be auctioned by Sotheby’s at a glittering event, which aims to raise over £1 million, benefiting more than 15 UK conservation charities working in Asia. Attracting a veritable Who’s Who of London society, including the Duchess of York, Princess Michael of Kent and Joanna Lumley, this event is set to be the party of the season. Working with the Wildlife Trust of India, funds raised by the Elephant Parade will be used to buy and manage vital wildlife habitat across Asia, giving Asian elephants, and the species and people that share the land, a safer and more sustainable future. Elephant Family will also invest funds in community education projects across Asia, highlighting the commercial, cultural and ecological significance of Asian elephants to instigate a positive shift in local attitudes towards elephants.

As part of the Cadogan Tate Group, Eco Movers are committed to operating a fleet of carbon efficient commercial vehicles. This has been recognized through the congestion charge exempt status of the Eco Movers’ fleet.

With a view to constantly reducing carbon emissions, Eco Movers are constantly exploring carbon efficient vehicle technologies. Fuel sources used to power the fleet include LPG vehicles, fully electric vehicles charged from 100% renewable electricity supplied through Ecotricity and the very latest Mercedes Euro 5 diesel engines retro-fitted with an electric hybrid unit. These vehicles are particularly exciting because they offer a further 18-25% saving on carbon emissions compared to the very latest Euro 5 diesel engine.

Technologies proven through the Eco Group to offer a reduction in carbon emissions are then implemented in the wider Cadogan Tate Group. This can be seen with the Cadogan Tate’s Residential division which now operates the first fully electric 12 tonne removals vehicle in the world and its Yewcoat Designer Services division which will be adopting the retrofitted electric hybrid units in 2010.