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Eco Movers – the story so far…

IMG_5160_8008657939_lWe’d like to tell you about how our business has grown over the past few years. We actually started the division in 2008, right at the start of the economic downturn.

Back then, we had 3 men and a single van. We now have some 45 members of staff and a fleet of 13 vehicles, which reflects the investment that we have made over time. We’ve always been happy to trust our instincts and we realised, from the very beginning, that it was important that we should focus on training our employees and providing a quality service for customers.

Indeed, more than half of our bookings come from previous customers or from direct referrals. That’s helped to ensure that we’ve been able to grow at a rate of more than 40% every year since we started out.

We appreciate that staff members represent our biggest asset. That’s why we spend a significant amount of time and money each year on ensuring that our employees are trained to the very highest standards. We have a happy and motivated workforce, which we believe helps us to deliver a high quality service.

Some of our competitors make use of sub-contractors, but we’ve always felt that it’s only possible to maintain standards by ensuring that we solely use employees. We also always look to promote internally, as we understand that such actions are great for staff morale and for motivating team members.

We also appreciate that it’s critical to have the right technologies and systems in place. In 2010, we took the decision to invest in a bespoke system that cost us more than £200,000 to implement.

Using this automated online booking system has meant that we’ve been able to operate with less administration staff members. That’s kept costs down and has ensured that we’ve been able to maintain an extremely competitive pricing strategy.

Our competitors simply can’t compete with our excellent levels of service and low prices.

The Eco Movers approach relies on dedicated, capable and motivated team members. They are able to provide our customers with unbeatable service levels, at incredibly competitive prices. That’s what sets us apart from the crowd.