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Eco Movers wins Business Innovation Award for Ecologic

Eco Movers wins Business Innovation Award for Ecologic

By Sean Ford | December 9, 2010

Eco Movers, part of the Cadogan Tate Group has won the Brunel University sponsored 2010 business innovation award for its work in developing a piece of web based software designed to lower carbon emissions within the road transport industry. Wimbledon based Eco Movers was set up by Cadogan Tate in 2008 as a testing ground for low carbon green technologies that could be implemented within the wider global group of Cadogan Tate companies. The award was presented to Eco Movers at the Park Royal Partnership annual dinner held this year at Hurlingham Club.

Managing director of the Cadogan Tate Group, Jonathan Hood collected the award on behalf of the company, saying: ‘We are absolutely delighted that our environmental division is receiving the recognition it deserves for the innovative work they are doing to pioneer low carbon emission technology’.

In the final stages of implementation, the aptly named Ecologic system is due to be launched in December 2010. The system cuts carbon emissions within the Eco Movers fleet by combining vehicle management software and satellite route planning technology to ensure that the minimum numbers of vehicles are scheduled to enable the delivery of consignments. In turn this decreases the number of miles traveled and lowers the carbon and particulate emissions of the fleet.

Zach Wright, Digital Development Manager for Eco Movers added: ‘Ecologic is a very powerful carbon control technology. When it is combined with a fleet of low carbon vehicles such as our electric vans, the decrease in environmental impact is fantastic. One of the goals here at Eco Movers is to demonstrate to the global logistics community that it is possible to run a profitable environmentally aware business and by cutting the number of vehicles and miles traveled we have significantly managed to cut operating costs’.

By developing and adding Ecologic to their already impressive arsenal of environmental management tools it looks like Eco Movers is well on the way to achieving its low carbon goals.