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Free 15 Minutes Video Survey

 Eco Movers Free Video Survey Tool


 Our Service

Instead of booking a traditional home survey we can offer you an alternative, a simple and time-saving video survey.
Contact us to agree a convenient date and time for your video survey appointment.

With current concerns over Covid-19 Coronovirus, video surveys are an increasingly popular choice to reduce unnecessary contact with third parties.

We are all about convenience

    1. You don’t have to take a day off work to organise a free video survey.
    2. Our video survey works on any smartphone, tablet or laptop.
    3. After meeting your video surveyor, simply point your device at the items you want to move or store.
      • Your surveyor will take you through this process providing consultation as you go.
    4. Receive your free quote within 48 hours after your video survey.


Here is some information that you should prepare for the video survey:

    • Postcodes and addresses for both (moving from and moving to) locations.
    • Would you like a packing and unpacking service?
    • Are there any items you are particularly concerned about?
    • When would you like the moving service to take place?
    • Additional details about both properties like:
      • Are they flats or houses?
      • How many floors and bedrooms are there?
      • Are there available lifts.



Very accurate and personalised service. Book now!

It’s very easy to book a video survey with one of our team members.
Just fill in the form or call us and let us know your preferred date and time when you would like to meet your surveyor.