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Moving Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Moving House


When thinking about moving house, it’s a good idea to spend some time planning all the tasks that need to be done before, during and after the move. Luckily, we’re here to help you with our ultimate guide to moving home based on years of experience and thousands of moves.


Pick a great removal company – the key to a smooth move is getting the right people to help. As soon as you know your planned moving dates, get your removal company in place. Trustworthy companies such as Eco Movers will take a lot of the work and stress out of the move by packing, moving and unpacking your belongings. They can also advise on and provide quality packing materials such as boxes, mattress and furniture covers and hanging wardrobe cartons and wrapping materials to let you get started in advance.

Have a clear out – there is no need to pay for someone to move things that you no longer use, so now is the time to have a ruthless clear out. Whether you sell it, pass it to charity or simply throw it out, get the clutter and unused items out of your home before you move.

Notify your suppliers – arrange the transfer of your utility contracts such as phone, broadband, TV and gas/electric. Some of these may require installation work at the new property so the earlier you can book this, the better. Arrange for post to be redirected to your new address from moving day.

On Moving Day

Have clear responsibilities – make sure that everyone knows what they should be doing. Meet with the movers to ensure you are all clear on who is responsible for each task. If you have friends or family helping, give them clear jobs that they can get on with independently, keeping you free to oversee everyone. For safety's sake, if possible have a relative or friend take care of any children or pets for the duration of the move.

Travel plans – work out who needs to leave and when. Generally speaking the removal team heads off first, leaving the homeowner to lock up. Make sure that everyone travelling as part of the move has a map and is clear about where the new property is. A professional moving company like Eco Movers will employ experience of the local area to ensure an efficient route is taken. Getting lost on moving day is not ideal!

Prioritise – be clear on what needs to be done first at the new property. For example, if you have small children, it might be best to get their bedrooms unpacked and set up first so that they can happily go to bed. Or you may wish to get the kitchen and living rooms arranged and unpacked. Whatever they are, be clear on your priorities and stay focused on them.

After the move

Inform contacts – now is the time to let all your other contacts (banks, credit cards, insurance company etc.) know your new address. Consider how long you need to keep your mail redirection going for.

And finally - relax and enjoy your new home!