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Our Eco Friendly Vehicles

Our Eco Friendly Vehicles

Eco Movers would not have its name without our eco commitments. Our carbon efficient vehicles are at the heart of our business, helping us to reduce our emissions in accordance with our ISO 14001 goals. We pay close attention to the trends in environmentally friendly travel, and strive to adjust our vans accordingly. For example, we have retro-fitted our diesel engine Mercedes Euro 5 vans with an electrical unit. Our fleet also includes the Ford LPG conversion, and we have a number of fully electric vehicles, which are charged from 100% renewable energy.

We go out of our way to track the efficiency of our vehicles, and regularly assess what new technology will enable us to minimise the impact our vans have on the environment. On average, our fleet of vehicles run at better than 160g/km CO2 – lower than the typical small car – showing how efficient our vans really are.

Not only do our vehicles demonstrate our green values, so do our packing materials too. Eco Movers strives to avoid waste in any way possible, so only uses recycled or recyclable packing materials. The same goes for our office waste, and the sustainable timber used for our storage containers. Eco Movers isn’t just our name, it’s the ethos the company operates by.