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Radical Price Reductions

Radical Price Reductions

By Sean Ford | February 15, 2011

When moving house have you ever felt that your budget has forced you to compromise on the quality of service you received? This can be unnerving considering you are inviting strangers into your home to handle and move your most cherished possessions. Eco Movers has the answer to this dilemma. It has launched Ecologic, an innovative online booking system that allows customers to dramatically lower the price of their move by being flexible with the start time or date while still receiving a premium, security vetted, moving service.

One of the main advantages of the system is that users have the option of leaving the exact start time for their move open which allows the Ecologic system to suggest a time slot which provides the cheapest rate available. This will significantly reduce costs for many people. For example, an estimate for a ‘two men with a van premium service light removal’ usually works out between £60-65 an hour. However, those customers who are prepared to be flexible could get the same premium service, with two men helping and the van for as little as £42 per hour.

This flexible pricing means that people who previously booked a cheap van service and did all the moving themselves now have the option of getting a top level service with the help of the Eco Movers staff who will lighten the load and make the whole experience of moving a lot easier!

Ecologic is the first of its kind for the local removals industry and provides a quick and easy way of obtaining an online estimate, checking availability, booking and paying. The system allows the user to get a full comprehensive estimate of the cost of their move in less than two minutes. This takes into account details such as distance, how much is to be moved, the floor that items are moving from and to as well as when they’d like this to take place.

Eco Movers is based in South London and is part of the Cadogan Tate Group. Its approach is to bring the highest professional and green standards to the van and man industry with highly trained security vetted staff and low carbon emission vehicles and recycled packaging materials.