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Removal Costs

Removal Costs - Calculating the Cost of Your Move

Eco Movers offers a professional moving service at a competitive price. To ensure that you are not only getting the best value for money but also that we are working within your budget, we will work with you to understand the requirements of your move before recommending either a man and van or full removal service.

Preparation is key when it comes to your move. The earlier you plan, the smoother the process will be. This gives you time to de-clutter and get rid of items that you do not wish to bring with you to the new property – potentially reducing costs. It also means you will be better equipped to estimate the number of packing boxes required for your move, and decide whether storage may be required. We can advise you on this too.

Eco Movers’ costs are estimated based on the number of men and vehicles required to perform your move within a given time frame. This allows us to calculate an hourly rate. Keep in mind that tasks like disassembly, packing and labelling add time on to the move. The more of this you can comfortably do yourself, the more you can save yourself. If the time taken runs over the estimated time, unlike many of our competitors who will charge you for a whole additional hour, we only charge in 15-minute increments. Our costs are transparent, so feel free to get in contact if you want any clarification on how much your move might cost or if you simply require some advice.

The Total Cost of Moving House

When moving, it’s easy to focus on the cost of the property and the associated mortgage while overlooking the costs that mount up around the property transaction and the moving process. Let’s look at the main costs you will encounter during a move.

Stamp duty – this is generally the biggest additional cost associated with a house purchase. Expressed as a percentage of the price of the property, the actual amount you will pay depends on the final purchase price.

Land registry – a fixed fee payable to transfer the title of a property to the new owner.

Estate agent fees – these will differ from company to company but are usually a percentage of the selling price of your property, with some additional fixed fees for brochures, internet listings etc.

Legal fees – the costs incurred by your lawyer for the legal work associated with your house move. Some solicitors may offer a fixed fee deal.

Removal company charge – this usually covers the cost of the van, the removal team and packing. Extras such as boxes and bubble wrap may be charged separately. These are relatively minor in comparison to the other substantial costs of moving and we suggest that you chose a good quality mover to ensure your valued possessions arrive safely and in one piece.

Storage costs – if you have a gap between properties, you might need to store your belongings somewhere short-term.

Miscellaneous – don’t forget the cost of things like mail redirection or installation of utilities such as broadband or TV services.

The above costs may seem daunting but forewarned is forearmed - careful planning, seeking out the best deals and negotiating fixed prices where possible will help to keep your moving costs down.