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Secure Storage vs. Self Storage

Secure Storage vs. Self Storage

With space in London being at a premium, it’s becoming much more common these days for people to use some form of external storage. Whether they are in between homes, or have simply run out of storage space at home, external storage can offer an excellent answer to the eternal question of where to put everything.

There are two main types of storage available – self-storage and secure storage.

Self-storage is generally accessible to the public during the working day, 7 days a week. Storage units are available in different sizes, with the cost being based on the size of the storage unit you choose. Once you have picked your unit, you are free to come and go as you please within the hours of opening. Because of the easy access, this can be a great option for storing, for example, bulky sports equipment that you need to access regularly but don’t need or have space for on a daily basis. On the down side, this tends to be a highly expensive option and inevitably you will compromise on the security of your goods as just like you, the public is free to come and go as they please.

Eco Movers secure containerised storage is different because the general public are not given access to the storage units. Your belongings are packed in large storage containers by professionals, and the containers are then kept in a secure, computer-controlled warehouse with no access allowed. Anyone wishing to retrieve items must make an appointment and the container is brought to an inspection area where the customer is assisted by a member of staff.

Eco Movers offer a secure storage service to all customers. We believe it is a great, secure option for anyone looking to store belongings for any period of time, no matter how long or short. However if you want a self-storage unit we can also arrange this for you.