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Self Storage Vs Containerised Storage

We often receive enquiries about storage and the different types of storage available. So my blog post today should shed some light on what’s available and the differences between the various types of storage. Hopefully this post will assist you with choosing the right storage solution for your circumstances.
Containerised Storage
When moving from one property to the next or during a refurbishment you may want to put some of your belongings into storage. In this situation you have two main options available to you: self-storage, or making use of containerised storage solutions.

Self Storage

Storing items yourself may seem like a more convenient option; you rent a space to keep your belongings in and have access to them as you please. Self-storage might seem right for you, but there are some drawbacks to take into consideration. Size is one factor to take into account. Depending on the company you use, you could end up renting a locker, a room or a container – all of which will vary on the amount they can store. When moving home you may be unsure of what you need to lock away until the last minute, so this method can prove to be ineffective in such scenarios and you could end up renting a room much bigger than you need.

For the ability to open the container when you please, self-storage usually means you have to enter into monthly contracts – which can prove to be pricey. It’s another factor to take into account. Your items will be secure, but everyone wants to be able to get a high quality service at a relatively low price. If you’re trying to reduce costs, ensure that you take containerisation into consideration, as self-storage isn’t the only option out there. Self-storage is good for accessing your goods, but can be bad for your wallet.

Storage (Containerised)

At Eco Movers we offer an alternative to self storage. We’re able to provide storage containers, housed within a secure location. These containers are 250 cubic feet in size and you can rent as many or as few as you need to store your goods available in a range of sizes, meaning that they are suitable for almost any storage requirements that you may have.

Because they are housed in a highly secure warehouse, you’ll need to book in advance if you wish to access your storage container. This allows us enough time to arrange for you to be accompanied during your visit by a member of staff who’ll also help to remove any belongings from your container and repack them ensuring your goods are stored in optimum conditions. Whilst this means you can’t just drop in off the street, it does create an additional security layer as the public aren’t permitted to access the facility without an escort. Also having experts on hand to unpack and re-pack your container also ensures you make optimum use of storage space and therefore save money.

As your belongings are loaded into our containers, we’ll inventory each item and present you with a copy so that you have a detailed record of everything you have put into store with us. After our guys have loaded your belongings into a container, we’ll ensure that it is secured with a security seal that meets the standards demanded by Customs. You’ll be provided with a unique security number, enabling you to arrangeaccess to your container in the future. The system ensures that there can be no unauthorised access to your possessions.

We believe that this system (relying on access by prior appointment only) places us a step ahead of the competition.The good news is that you can rent a 250 cubic foot container from as little as £10.00 + VAT per week. The service is fully flexible; you can arrange contracts by the week, quarter or year and can terminate your contract at any time. The reason that containerised storage is not nearly as expensive as self-storage is because we can fit a lot more containers in a warehouse than self-storage rooms.

If you do not need regular access to your goods and are conscious of security of your belongings, containerised storage is by far the most cost effective solution for you.