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Slash fuel consumption with an App

When we’re helping to move domestic and commercial customers, we’re very aware of the need to get things done quickly and in the most efficient manner possible. This means that we put an enormous amount of thought into how we go about transporting people and belongings.

With the latest technology, it is possible to provide an efficient service and to also protect the environment. In recent years, I’ve become particularly interested in the idea of driving in a different manner, in order to conserve fuel.

Given the rising cost of fuel in the UK, learning how to be a more efficient driver can also help you to save money. As a result, a lot of the principles that I have learned when driving our vans can also be applied to driving my own car. I thought that I’d share a few ideas with you on this subject.

You can actually download an App, which is called Truck Fuel Eco Driving, to help you to discover more. The idea is that you learn about the necessary driving skills by playing a simple and fun game. The App’s available for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

The aim of the game is to drive a Renault lorry in a range of different scenarios. You’re faced by a number of obstacles and situations that reflect real life driving situations. Throughout the game, you are required to make decisions that conserve fuel, but that also allow you to maintain the highest average speed possible.

My favourite aspect of the game is that it’s realistic, but also a lot of fun. After a few attempts, you’ll find that you start to think more carefully about your own driving skills.

Anything that helps to reduce fuel costs and protect the environment has to be a good thing. Give it a go and let me know what you think!