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Small Space Ideas

Small Space Ideas

By Sean Ford | February 10, 2015


Rising property and rental prices mean that many of us are living in smaller spaces. In this situation, it’s important to make the best use of the space you have to create a comfortable and happy home. Here are four of our best tips for small space living.

The golden rule about living in a small space is to have only what you need. Your space is precious enough without filling it up with useless clutter that you never use. So spend a day being ruthless about what you have vs. what you need and get your unwanted and un-needed clutter out of your home for good. Whether you take it to a charity shop, recycling or simply put it in the bin, don’t keep what you don’t need.

Go vertical
Be creative about the space you can use. Look up – there is a lot of space above your head that you can use if you want to! Buy tall storage and use the higher up areas for things that you don’t use that often. Think about using the ceiling – it’s amazing what you can hang from it. For example, use a roof mounted clothes dryer rather than a clothes dryer that stands on the floor. Or, hang a rack for your pots and utensils from your kitchen ceiling if storage space is at a premium. You can even buy roof mounted cycle hangers for storing your bike if you have one.

Vacuum bags
If storage space for clothes is at a premium, a great way to save space is to use vacuum storage bags. These are widely available and are especially great for bulky items such as winter coats, jumpers or even spare duvets and bed linen. You simply put the items into the bags, seal them, and then suck out the surplus air using your vacuum cleaner. A helpful tip is to put a piece of paper showing the contents of the bag inside the bag before you shrink it – that way you can easily see what’s in the bag without inflating it.

Space saving furniture
When living in a small space, it pays to be really clever about the furniture you have. Consider a folding dining table and folding chairs. It’s worth buying a sofa bed rather than just a sofa if you don’t have room for a permanent guest bed. If you are buying a bed, get one that has storage drawers in the base or storage space under the mattress. There are lots creative pieces of furniture designed for small space living, the trick is to find them.