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Thinking of Moving Out of London

Thinking of Moving Out of London

By Sean Ford | September 5, 2013

Moving Out of LondonMany people dream of moving from London for a quieter life in the country. And with properties outside the city offering more space for less money, it’s an attractive option for growing families or people who want a slower pace of life

Moving from city to country is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make and it’s important to get it right. Here are just a few suggestions about what you should be considering when thinking about your very own move to the country.

Location – How far out of town do you want to be? Many people just want some garden space so a move to the suburbs will be enough to achieve this. But if you want more space and greenery, you’re going to have to move further.

Your commute – If you are going to continue to work in London, look into how long your commute would take and how much it would cost. Talk to colleagues who already commute to find out the best, most reliable, commuter routes into London – and the ones to avoid!

Facilities – What sort of facilities do you want nearby? If you like having shops, a pub and entertainment on your doorstep then a small town or village will be best. However, if you don’t mind getting into the car every time you need a pint of milk, then a more rural location might suit.

Schools/clubs – If you have(or are planning) children, think about how they’ll get to school and socialise with friends. If you are prepared to spend a lot of time driving them from A to B, then a very rural option can be considered, but if you want them to be able to get around independently, then you’ll need somewhere with good public transport links.