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What we can and can’t store for you

What we can and can’t store for you

Eco Movers offers secure storage as well as moves. Whether it’s for a few valuable items or to keep the entire contents of your family home safe while you await your new property, our containerised units are a safe place to keep your belongings.

Large valuables such as pianos and antique furniture can be stored with us. The same goes for any smaller items that you may not want in your home. Use the storage at our high security warehouses in North and South London to remove the extra clutter from your home. Subject to our contract terms we accept liability for up to £25,000 for loss or damage. If you would like us to accept liability for a higher amount we can do this for a modest additional charge.

We are unable to store jewellery, cash, precious stones, aerosols, paints, perishables, and collectables. For a full breakdown, please see our contract terms.